Have you ever worked on something and lost all sense of time? Studies show you are happiest when you reach a state of flow—this is to say that you get lost in the process of something you love to do. My mission is to create doll kits and tutorials you can get lost in.

My name is Jessica Hamilton and my company is Doll Project. I am an artist, instructor and creative engineer. I was the seven-year-old trying to figure out the system that connected Barbie's head to her neck. (I was fascinated by the heads that pulled right off versus those with invisible internal connectors.) A more recent passion is developing, documenting and sharing new projects and techniques—especially those with repeatable processes that allow anyone to enjoy them.

I like to view everything I make as an adventure or an experiment and I strongly encourage this viewpoint. Experiments reduce fear of failure and can open new creative possibilities you may not otherwise have attempted.  Allow yourself the freedom to experiment, keep asking questions and play for the sake of play. It is this constant experimentation paired with my love of dolls and doll making that inspired the name “Doll Project.”

I have been making dolls and art for more than 16 years and have taught art workshops at national and private retreats for the last decade—I even shared a doll project on an episode of DIY’s” Craft Lab.” I have a bachelor of science in fine art and a master’s in technical writing. Research and experimentation are what I was born to do and I love sharing these discoveries. 

The best worlds are the ones we make. :)
Why dolls?

Makers gonna make...

Makers gonna make...