Custom miniature plushies

This is a fast and fun little project. These tiny bears and rabbits were actually purchased ready-made and altered. Altering purchased components lets you do two important things:

  • Gives the pieces a one of a kind feel
  • Helps the item look like it is actually used (aging plus added detail)

These animals were purchased from the MimiLoLo shop on etsy. Here is what they looked like when I bought them:  

To color these I used alcohol inks, artist chalks and a bit of dark acrylic paint.

Alcohol inks - Use the inks to create rich colors on the fur. Start with white or pastel colored pieces for the best results. You can drop the ink right onto the fur. Have fun dividing the animal into different colors. I use these Ranger Alcohol Inks

Artist chalks - Rub a bit of pink pastel chalk onto the cheeks, tummy, paws--wherever you want a little blush. You can also use brown chalk to give the fur a worn, aged look. I like this compressed art chalk by General.

Acrylic paint - I use brown or black for the mouths and noses. To apply the color, use a small brush and add the paint slowly. I use a dabbing motion (instead of brushing). You only need a tiny bit! I use these fluid acrylic paints by Golden.

When she was a puppy, my westie terrier, Emma even customized one.

I have no idea how or when she got a hold of it....sneaky. She definitely achieved that worn, aged look. :)