The Strut

When I was about 5 years old, my parents had a large format book on drawing animated characters. The book was pretty old--I am not sure when it came out. My sister and I (my twin, Jill) would look through the book over and over again studying the poses and the different characters. There were two particular pages we were especially fascinated by--these instructed one on the positioning of 'the strut.' Being wee girls, we were curious about big girl bodies and these pictures seemed especially naughty at the time :].

I don't know what happened to the rest of the book, but somewhere along the lines, these two pages were torn out and they managed to survive :]. I found them in a pile of books and papers awhile ago, and recently decided to hang them on my wall.

I purchased some of those pre-matted frames from Michael's (1.5 by 2ft). I was afraid of light damage and fading to the original pages, so I took them in to the copy shop and had them duplicated. The copy lady thought I was crazy with my two tattered pages of 'naughty' ladies. When I framed them, I tucked the originals safely behind the copies.

This was my mini project for today. These will hang in my studio once I am feeling ambitious enough to pull out the step ladder and mounting kit. I like that she struts into and out of the frames :].