I got thinking about sketchbooks today. I’ve always wanted to have a sketch journal or inspiring collection of sketches to flip through like a book. My sketches never really look like they belong in a journal. Many look more like they stumbled out of a garbage can or slipped out from between two couch cushions.

 I took a cross section of various sketches today and determined that the only thing they really have in common is my need to list and label things. I will draw a hammer and then write next to it ‘hammer.’ Then the more bizarre labels that no longer mean anything, like ‘Citrus eating desert worm.’ Most pages with sketches are also pages that tell me what date the power bill is due or that I need to pick up more milk. Then there’s the ever important mysterious phone number or email address that you know had some purpose at some point. My sketches will never be masterpieces, but I guess I am ok with that. :]