How to put Long Stockings on a Blythe Doll

So, if you have a Blythe doll or have held a Blythe--you know her body is quite rubbery in texture. When you are dressing Blythe, fabrics tend to get caught up due to friction and it can be a challenge to put a tight or slim garment onto her limbs. (Think fat toddler foot vs tiny shoe.) 

Here is a simple, frustration-free method to put long stockings of any material onto your Blythe doll. You will need two tools--

1. Bic pen style barrel with both ends removed

2. Small rod or dowel that fits inside the barrel of the pen

Step 1 Turn both stockings inside out--To do this, feed the stocking all the way onto the pen barrel and then push your dowel into the toe end of the sock while sliding the fabric up and around the dowel. Next pull up the remaining sock up so that it is completely turned.


Step 2 In a similar fashion to step one, reinsert the pen barrel into the stocking and then push the toe area inward with the dowel. This time, only push until the sock is turned about 1 inch, as you see below. 

Step 3 Now slide both tools out of the sock and put Blythe's rubbery little foot into the 1" sock 'starter hole' you made. 

Now you should be able to slide the remaining stocking onto Blythe's leg, turning it right side out as you push it up the leg. Yay! We won the battle.


Oh, Merry Christmas too :]. This is my westie, Emma.