What Size Wig Does this Doll Wear? And What About Shoe Sizes?

The following table includes some popular dolls’ wig and shoe sizes. I often make custom scale clothing and legwear for clients and so I research different doll sizes a lot. Today I decided to permanently log wig and shoe sizes so I wouldn’t have to keep looking them up each time. I hope this chart is something you can use too :].

Wig size is the circumference of the doll's head above the ear line. The circumference is measured at an angle, starting at the top of the forehead and moving to the base of the skull--just like where you would place a hat. Wig size is measured in inches and often includes a slash rather than a hyphen to denote a range of size. For example, a Lati Yellow doll has a wig size of 5/6--this is 5 to 6 inches. Wig size can also be hat size, though you may want to get a slightly larger hat if the hat needs to go over a full wig.

Shoe size is the actual size of the doll's shoe in millimeters—the length is measured from the outside of the shoe, so it is larger than the actual length of the doll’s foot—usually by about 6mm, give or take. Shoes for dolls with tiny feet and big heads (Blythe, Pullip...) are often oversized to help balance out the doll's proportions.

Doll Name
Wig Size
Shoe Size
American Girl Doll
10/11 72mm
Betsy McCall 8" Doll
4/5 24mm
Betsy McCall 14" Doll 7/8 50mm
Bleuette Seeley Body 6/7 37mm
Bleuette Global Body 6/7 41mm
Blythe 10/11 24-28mm
Bobobie Eric or Erin 4/5 30mm
Customhouse Petite AI 7 48mm
Ellowyne Wilde 6/7 50mm
Kish Riley 4 25-28mm
Kish Tulah 4 28-29mm
Lati White Renewal Body 3/4 16mm
Lati White SP Body 3/4 22-23mm
Lati Yellow Renewal Body 5/6 28mm
Lati Yellow SP Body 5/6 40mm
Lati Green 6/7 50mm
Madame Alexander 8" Dolls ? 28mm
Madame Alexander 11" Dolls ? 37mm
Madame Alexander 21" Cissy 10/11 50mm
Pocket Fairy, Blue Fairy 4 24mm
Pukifee Fairyland 5/6 24mm
Puki Puki Fairyland 3/4 19mm
Pullip 8/10 20-28mm
Volks MSD 7/8 58mm
Volks YoSD 6/7 49mm


Black & White 'Earbits' hat is available in my Doll Destash clothing & supply shop. :] I am working on a gigantic master list of doll shoe and wig sizes--so far I have logged over 100 dolls. Which dolls, if any would you like me to include in my research?