Custom miniature couch

You don't need to know how to build custom furniture for your dolls—you can alter it!
This dollhouse miniature scale chaise lounge sofa began life in a demure white and then sort of exploded into a fun frenzy of color. Following is a complete tutorial of the steps i took for this alteration project.

Supplies and Materials

Supplies that may be difficult to find are hyperlinked for you. 


With all the people who have been ill lately, a pop of energetic color is a welcome sight! Of course your chaise does not need to be a vibrant mass of color. You could do two tone, strictly pastels, a sepia palette, black & white. Anything goes!
Begin with your canvas (a white chaise lounge or similar furniture). Mine came from and was just $10.99. It has a satiny sort of brocade upholstery. When new, it looked like this:

Additional supplies used include Copic sketch and permanent Sharpie markers, acrylic paints, paint brush, q-tips (optional). You could also use fabric paint. Always test any supplies you use on the furniture fabric to make sure they won't transfer color to your doll. See the end of this tutorial for a list of paint and marker colors I used.

Okay, step 1 - Paint the wood portion of the lounge. I used a 1/2" paint brush and worked slowly to avoid the fabric. One coat is fine—it doesn't need to look perfect (unless you want it to).

Now the cool thing about this little lounge is it has a bit of fabric at the back—this is the place to test your colors and doodles! There is no right or wrong way to doodle—just play with colors. :)

Now moving to the front, I fill in the top with my Copic markers in a sort of patchwork style.

These markers blend over top of eachother, which can be a lot of fun. (And easy to get a little carried away. Okay, a lot carried away!)

Now more Sharpie marker doodles. I recommend the thin style Sharpie pens for this. The ink will bleed a little, so be ready to let go of your inner control freak. 

More doodles...

Once my lounge is doodle-full I go back over the Sharpie pens with the Copic Markers to further bleed out lines and blur some of the designs. Then I use my fingers to brush a little teal paint all around the wood. 

Use white acrylic paint (or another color) and dip a q-tip in it—use this to make dots all over your lounge. The dots will help make the overall design more uniform and you can cover up any areas you don't like :). Blot most of the paint off the q-tip before applying it to the fabric.

Lastly, use your fingers or paint brush to add hints of additional white paint to the wood. Here is a view of the back so you get the idea. This is three colors on the wood, but you could do more or less. 

And that's it! Fun and easy, right? If you complete this project or have other altered furniture to share, make sure to share a link in the comments so we can all drool over them!

Tiny Dolls sure are demanding...give 'em a little color and they'll run off with the whole damn crayon box. Wilde Imagination's Izzy is no exception! She has claimed this crazy lounge for her own (if i were 4" tall, i would have fought her for it).

The Copic Sketch markers I used

  • 0 Colorless Blender
  • YR00 Powder Pink
  • R20 Blush
  • YG03 Yellow Green
  • B00 Blue Frost
  • BV00 Mauve Shadow

And the Golden Fluid Acrylic Paints

  • Titanium White
  • Titan Buff
  • Cobalt Teal