Tiny doll slippers


I am not ashamed to admit that every winter my slippers are the most popular pair of shoes in my closet. Dolls like slippers too, I am surewho doesn't like slippers? Here is a free online tutorial I developed for making doll shoe slippers. The pattern I have designed is for smaller doll sizes, but can easily be adapted to fit larger dolls, like 18 inch play dolls! With this simple slipper method, you can make lots and lots of slippers for your doll in all different colors!


  • Wool Felt (or some other low-fraying fabric)
  • Thread
  • Needle
  • Leather or vinyl for soles
  • Thin plush fabric or fluffy yarn for slipper trim
  • White tacky glue
  • Optionaltrims, beads, sequins

The scale is set to make a slipper for a Lati Yellow, Blythe or Kish Riley sized doll. Print the PDF pattern at 100% scale.

Here are the pattern parts explained. The right and left soles are to be cut out in thin vinyl or leather for the sole of the slipper. The rectangular blob at the top left is for your plush felt or fabricthis lines the inside heel of the slipper and spills out over the edge to make a nice fluffy slipper trim. The bat looking thing at the bottom in the slipper upper. The bat's 'head' is the top toe portion of the slipper. The wings are the sides and the bat 'body' is the insole where the doll's foot touches. See? Super simple :].

Begin by cutting two uppers in your choice of felt or other fabric. This project is great for scraps, cause you only need a little bit of fabric! Using a whip stitch, sew one of the sides to the insole along the bottom. Then sew the other side the same way. If your fabric has a 'right side,' make sure it is on the inside for these steps.

Both sewn sides should meet along the back center of the insole. If a side is too long, trim it a little on the end. Then whip stitch up the side ends to form the heel of your slipper.

Now flip the slipper over and stitch the two small sides of the upper toe portion to the sides of the slipper. (Bob the bat's head down and secure it!!)

Stitching is done! Now carefully turn the slipper right side out. It may take a bit of pushing to get everything to its right sides. Now use the sole pattern to cut out two outsoles from your vinyl or leather. I am using a textured vinyl.

You can glue these on now using white tacky glue... or you can add some embellishments to your tiny slippers first! I am using some tiny pearly flower sequins and some beads to add a bit of slipper excitement.

Now let's add the fluff.

Just glue it on with some tacky glue. The narrow portion tucks into the slipper and the wider portion is folded back and glued around the outer rim.

Okay, now I glue the soles on using white tacky gluemy favorite is The Ultimate by Crater's Pick, but Aleene's is good too. This picture (below) sort of makes me think of a passed out Smurf. Did you see they are making a Smurf's movie? I wish they would stop tainting my childhood with uncomfortable 3-d renditions of my Saturday morning cartoons. :/

Wee! The slippers are done! Now you can make them in many colors! The ones shown below include slippers I have trimmed with boucle style yarnsI do prefer the luxury of the fluffy fabric though.

This slipper tutorial was inspired by my workshop series, Making Tiny Doll Shoes.