E6000 glue tips

E6000 is an industrial strength adhesive. This means it works really well for permanently bonding items, but it is also harmful to breathe. 

Dries clear, flexible and is washer/dryer safe. 
Use to bond wood, metal, glass, ceramic, plastic, rubber, vinyl and leather

Tips for working with E6000 glue

  • Prep surfaces with a bit of rubbing alcohol to remove dirt or oils. I use a cotton swab to do this. Wait until the pieces dry completely before you apply glue.
  • This glue dries fast and you want to bond items while it is still clear and runny. To get greater control over the flow and keep the glue from drying out too fast, try this method:
  • Pour some glue into the corner of a small, clear bag that seals. Close it up and when you are ready, cut a small hole in the corner. The smaller the hole, the more control you’ll have. When you are ready to apply glue to the surfaces squeeze the bag corner like you are piping icing. 
  • You can also apply the glue by filling a syringe. I have not tried this, but you can search Youtube for E6000 Syringe to find some helpful tutorials. 
  • If you get “strings” of glue, wait a few minutes to let them set before you pull them away. This will be much easier than trying to clean them while the glue is runny. 
  • Remove glue using acetone or a similar solvent. Apply the acetone, let it set and then scrape it off once it softens.
  • If you use the glue to make doll accessories, let it set for at least 24 hours—it may take up to 72 hours for the glue to reach full strength, so plan your project accordingly! You also will want to let the item sit for a few days before you use it because it will still smell like the glue and you probably don’t want that smell near fibers and fabrics. 
  • If fumes are a concern, try Beacon Gem-tac or Aleene’s Ultimate Multi-Surface Adhesive.

Technical Data Sheet


Use this glue in a well-ventilated area. (If you feel brain cells dying, you definitely need more ventilation :).) To reduce the toxic fumes, do your gluing outside, open a window, use a fan, exhaust fan or wear a mask (or any combination of these). I use the window + fan method, but I do not use this glue very often (2-3 times a year for short durations). If I glued more, I would use a mask along with the window + fan. Like other strong glues, you want to avoid getting the E6000 on your skin or other surfaces.

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