Customize the eyes for Tonner child dolls

Tonner’s newly restyled 10" Effanbee Patsy is a doll (literally and figuratively). She has a gorgeous inquisitive face. I fell in love with the basic Patsy promotional photos and I ordered her immediately. From Tonner. When she finally arrived, with eager anticipation, I opened her box. And I found that while she was beautiful, her eyes had been changed in manufacturing. Where the promotional photos had shown clear, bright green eyes, my Patsy had sort of muddy, mottled turquoise eyes with ginormous black eyelashes. I could see she was a beautiful doll, but I really wanted true green eyes.

So, I did what any sane person would do minutes after opening the box of her new $90 doll—I cut open her head, took out her eyes and replaced them with green glass eyes. ;] If this is your first doll customization, it might seem a bit scary at first, but I will tell you exactly how I did it.

First, most of us know that Patsy is quite similar to Tonner’s 10” Ann Estelle line. So, I looked for an Ann Estelle how-to and I found this great article. Guess what?! The process for Patsy is the same! Much thank you to The Life and Times of Ann Estelle for sharing your methods!

The full eye-change project took me 1.5 hours to complete including the camera fussing time. Want new eyes for your Patsy?

Longer tutorials are saved as PDF files. PDF trouble?